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     Lisa Ausherman, ASID, Founder and principal of Amazing Space Design, LLC has worked for almost three decades designing both commercial and high end residential homes. Elegantly incorporating her interior design expertise together with landscape design that enriches people's lives to create beautiful memories, peaceful surroundings and seasonal interest. A term she calls "Homescaping".

     Having a love and understanding of horticulture by putting "the right plant in the right place" is both beneficial to the environment as well as efficient for sustainable landscaping.

About Lisa

      A little word called “homescaping” . . .  You probably won’t find it in the dictionary, however, it’s a word I use to describe what I do so well.  It’s inherently understanding the functionality of the space (what it should be doing for you) and then creating the vision for an exquisitely thoughtful setting in which you can dream, entertain, relax and take refuge from everyday life. It’s setting the stage for an atmosphere that is engaging or one of my favorites- creating a romantic secret garden- whatever your needs are, I can create it.


     Sometimes, a space has “good bones” and just needs some final finishing touches- accessories, low voltage lighting, containers and updated textiles. Other times, it’s a blank canvas that is just waiting to be transformed into a captivating and alluring retreat!  Together, we can create a private sanctuary that satisfies your ultimate desires, has real “spacial” integrity and utilizes natural quality materials. 


     Dare to dream. . . . . .


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